Odd Night at the Commerce

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Odd Night at the Commerce

Postby ManilaBoy » Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:54 am

Last Sunday I went to Commerce casino and decided to play $100 nl instead of my normal game of $4/$8 LHE, sat down and noticed 2 other peeps called in for table change.

Turns out 5 gay friends are playing, one is wearing women clothing which is nothing unusual for me but I felt like I'm in a Brokeback Mountain convention or somethin. They are loud especially when somebody get rivered, so the Poker Supervisor had to come down and warn them to tone it down.

Then came down a hand between one of the gay guys versus an Old man on the table, it was a raised pot, Old man bet and Gay guy went all in, Old man tanked and looked at the Gay guy and so the Gay guy look at him back and decided to stick his tongue out provocatively(like seducing somebody) and that did it, the Old man folded his Top pair and the gay guy showed his 2nd pair bluff, table erupted in laughter and the poor Old man called for a table change.

Anyway, i wasn't happy with my play, got it all in with bottom set on a flop of 345 and one Gay guy who looked like Rupaul(Rupaul.com) got A2, no help on both turn and river and I was down a hundo. I changed table after that beat and was playing $4/$8 LHE when suddenly i heard a lot of yelling, it's between the Gays vs a midget Vietnamese guy, from what I gathered it was something about string bet. Then after 5 minutes, saw all the Gays being escorted by Security out of the Poker room , not sure why but I guess too much Gayness is not good.

Luckily for me I was able to recover my losses and won about $18 and called it a night. Outside the Casino, I saw the Gays smoking something and laughing, this is just one of those weird night for me.
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