NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

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NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby AsiaPokerAcademy » Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:55 am

Kind of a strange hand, like to see what opinions people have about this one.

So both villains have a high fold to preflop 3bet %, around 90. The villain who check-raises the turn is 19/0 (He doesn't preflop raise so far, in about 50 hands) with an AF of 1.

My pre-flop 3bet with AQ was intended to squeeze and take down the pot, when I missed the flop, I had more or less given up on the pot. (The reason being, that both of these players seems to fold to 3bets so frequently, I figured if they were still around and playing me out of position, that AQ was probably no good) So, I checked behind, with the intention of folding off to a bet. Then, I turned top pair, and both checked to me again. The passive (in 50 hands) player, check-raises me for the minimum. Any thoughts here? Fold? Call? Shove? Why?

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IPoker Hand #1958216046: Texas Hold'em NL $2/$4 (7 handed) 2009-11-16 12:40:37

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(MP+2) nicolausi74 ($314.29)
(CO) Vitaly7 ($423.00)
(BU) Hero ($473.65) DEALER
(SB ) R0b5ter ($438.10)
(BB ) NumbSchiller ($80.00)
(UTG+1) KolmosKattila ($428.09)
(MP+1) bugsroger ($433.30)
R0b5ter posts SB $2.00
NumbSchiller posts BB $4.00

Dealt to Hero [Qd] [Ah]
1 fold(s)
bugsroger raises to $12.00
nicolausi74 calls $12.00
1 fold(s)
Hero raises to $42.55
2 fold(s)
bugsroger calls $30.55
nicolausi74 calls $30.55

Flop: (133.65) [2s] [7c] [4c] (3 players)

bugsroger checks
nicolausi74 checks
Hero checks

Turn: (133.65) [2s] [7c] [4c] [Qs] (3 players)

bugsroger checks
nicolausi74 checks
Hero bets $88.88
1 fold(s)
nicolausi74 raises to $177.76

Hero ....
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Re: NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby vaevictis » Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:00 pm

His PF calling range weighs towards pocket pairs to suited connectors due to increased odds of bugsrogers calling.

Given his noobish stack sizes and the way most fish plays is that he either hits his set and slowplayed (which u have zero equity) or hit the flop hard with a monster draw with hands like 56spades/clubs. (which have decent equity against you). Most villians/fish rarely minraise as a bluff on the turn and then set up for a less than half pot river sized shove (unless you have been in leveling wars and have seen him done that before).

Shoving is kinda bad. Our perceived range of his minraise on turn is a highly polarized one - nuts / pure bluff. There are no two pairs in his range almost 100%. The best you can hope for is a same hand as yours, AQ/KQ.

Calling is fine if you think he is bluffing in this spot a large percentage of the time. Given no historical context in your post, its a call, and perhaps fold to a river shove or call a river bluff shove. Not to mention villian has about 100 dollars left to shove into a river pot of about 450+ dollars, in which there is no folding equity watsoever.

Folding seems gay given hitting top pair top kicker on a 3bet pot used to be a standard excuse for getting the stacks in. I prefer this option out of the three though.
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Re: NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby messageforearth » Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:38 pm

I would fold here, seems like your beat
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Re: NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby Froggy » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:31 am

I lean alot more towards shoving than calling, definitely not folding here.

I didn't think villian would check that drawy flop with an overpair or a set even, 3 way, in a 3 betted pot. The min raise just seems to scream weakness to me, given he only has about a 100 odd after that min raise, and if u call, u'd be priced in to call the river 100+ anyway. I'd raise here for value and even fold equity if hes on a complete bluff, pot is sizeable anyway.

do lets us know how the hand played out Mo. :)
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Re: NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby mrjorisa » Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:57 pm

fold obv, villain is not bluffing with no fe here
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Re: NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby unknown415 » Fri May 21, 2010 5:45 pm

u all explain till so complicated...
but if u say he is fish, den he mite be slowplaying As or Ks...
reason he jus called preflop instead of reraising is he mite want more ppl in e hand...
then he checked down all e way hoping a high card would come and wait for sum1 2 bet n 3 bet e person...
chances are he mite shove at river...
just my 2cents if he is a fish...
XD ...
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Re: NL400 3Bet pot w/ TP

Postby Fangwui » Wed May 26, 2010 10:37 pm

Possibly getting freerolled here by AcQc?
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