Setting Up A Poker Place

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Setting Up A Poker Place

Postby yourr_father » Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:23 pm

hey guys, i'm really intersted in setting up a place for poker.
prolly rent out an ap or condo.
i have some contacts who are major poker players

was just wondering
wad do i need in order to start?
like please guide me thru.
prolly those who have done this before.

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Re: Setting Up A Poker Place

Postby meltan87 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:46 am

if i'm not wrong, u'll be infringing on the cardinal rule of private poker. Under the gambling act, one of the criteria on legality is the purpose of the residence. In this case, a place rented specifically for poker will automatically make it illegal, akin to a gambling den.

If you can work around that issue like deliberately moving into and living there for a period of time first, go ahead. Till then, my personal opinion is you'll be crossing the line.

p.s. the major poker players play at places specifically for poker that very few of us know of... it'll be wise u be discreet from herein.
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Re: Setting Up A Poker Place

Postby chenghao » Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:28 am

a nice poker table and comfortable chairs ! :mrgreen:

Air con is a nice / must have for some.

ready food and drinks are a nice touch.

cards and chips - cards u would like standby new decks when people detect imperfections in your cards , chips , the unique ones will reduce the likelihood that people would sneak in chips.

dealer ... chio ones would garner lots of tips but more importantly , dealers who understand the game and can control the situation well like counting fast , know people's names etc won't fumble or misdeal often.

if ur game is frequently short handed , you might even wanna recruit prop players to stand in and fill up the game ( which isn't really needed most of the time as regs would fulfil this.)

a corner for those who bust out to take a break or rail birds waiting upon a full table.
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