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Now I know this one sounds silly, but if you think about it; having a small meal before you go out will mean you arrive with a half-filled belly therefore your selections from the menu will be based on taste rather than what you think will fill you up quickest (eg: naan bread, lots of bread rolls) It's the same as not going shopping on an empty stomach. Those treats that end up in your trolley are based on what you are craving right now because you're hungry; not based on what you need. </a>bioleptin Let's be honest, would that pack of mars bars be in your trolley if you'd eaten before you got to the supermarket?Tell the waiter not to bring any bread rolls to your table If they're there they get eaten, it's that simple. Even when we don't want one we will usually just nibble one or two because it gives us something to do with our hands whilst we chat. Your friends will probably be understanding of your request as they've probably been in your shoes previously.

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