How to handle limpers and maniacs?

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How to handle limpers and maniacs?

Postby cse2k » Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:48 pm

I've facing quite a problem when playing SNG or tournaments with these guys. For example a micro stack SNG, I face a real limper who limp in for almost every hand and gets lucky with it. and a crazy maniac who raise for almost everything and get lucky with it. and I got eliminated by these two kinda player quite a number, so any idea how to face them off? I tried aggresively but it doesnt scare these guys off really, playing tight just doesnt really works with them too because they will be chipping up and rasing me all in before I could even see the flop.
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Re: How to handle limpers and maniacs?

Postby chenghao » Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:07 pm

Make them pay more to see flop turn and river.
Isolate the limpers more often by raising/ reraising.

Maniacs to your left is very very tough
to your right you can 3bet them light and 4 / 5 bet them often.
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Re: How to handle limpers and maniacs?

Postby Rockefella » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:50 am

I think that's where your postflop play and analysis comes into play.

If you see the limpers start betting big, then just get out of the pot because the flop probably hit their hole cards. Play only premium hands with the maniacs and don't be afraid to shove with any pocket pairs, A10 suited and above, etc.
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Re: How to handle limpers and maniacs?

Postby AsiaPokerAcademy » Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:04 pm

If you are playing micro stakes SNGs, there are 3 scenarios. Early, Middle, and Late game.

In the early game of an SNG, just play rock tight unless you have a hand with a lot of potential postflop value, such as 22-AA, and suited connectors. In that situation, if many players are limping, seeing a cheap flop is absolutely worth it and there isn't much need to raise, just out play them post flop when you hit.

In the middle and late game, these limpers will often be paying far too much of there stack to limp. An example would be when the blinds are 50/100 and they have a stack of 1500-2000. If two players limp in this situation, squeeze raise to steal. If they are playing trash, they have to fold to a big raise/shove. (If they call huge raises with trash, then it is even easier to play against them. Simply wait for strong hands and raise for value)

As for playing against the aggressive maniacs, the basic rule of SNGs in the late game is be the first person to shove. If they shove, folding most of your hands is the correct play. However, when you have a chance to shove and be the aggressor, take it. Late game SNG play is often about being totally aggressive. So, what may appear like "maniac" play, might in fact be correct strategy. (However, at microstakes, don't give your opponents TOO much credit for being amazing poker players)

They will have wasted a decent amount
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Re: How to handle limpers and maniacs?

Postby derik22 » Wed May 19, 2010 3:59 pm

Make them pay more to see flop turn and river.
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