RWS Progressive Texas Hold'em Poker

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RWS Progressive Texas Hold'em Poker

Postby DM101 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:53 am

The objective of the game is to achieve a higher ranking hand than the Dealer’s hand.

Automatic shuffling machine, deck is then place in a mechanical hand shoe:
1 Burn card
2 Cards to each of 7 Players (clockwise) and the Dealer (after the river card is dealt with NO burn card and both cards in sequence)
5 Community Cards : Players and Dealer may use 3, 4 or all 5 cards (Play the Board) along with their 2 cards
Best 5 Card Poker Hand wins
Additional winning chance on Bonus Bet and Progressive Jackpot

How To Play
1. Place Ante. This will determine minimum and maximum bets throughout the hand.
2. Place Bonus or Progressive Jackpot bet. This is an optional bet for a chance to win premium hand bonus and a share of the Progressive Jackpot.
3. 2 cards dealt to the 7 Players. View Hole card to decide: FOLD - surrender your Ante and Bonus, or BET - Double the amount of your Ante on FLOP.
4. first 3 Community Cards (Flop Card) will be dealt face-up, after 1 burn card. can either CHECK / PASS (stay in the game without betting) or BET (same amount as Ante) on the TURN.
5. 4th Community Card (Turn Card) with be dealt face-up after 1 burn card, can either CHECK or BET (same amount as Ante) on the RIVER.
6. 5th Community Card (River Card) will be dealt face-up after 1 burn. 2 more cards are then dealt face-up as the Dealer's hand with no burn card. A better 5 card poker hand than the Dealer will be paid even money on Flop, Turn and River wagers. If STRAIGHT or better, paid even money on your Ante. (If not the Ante is a PUSH).

There were 3 x S$10 and 3 x S$25 minimum ante tables. Bonus bet starts at S$2. On lower limit GAME, player bets S$10 (or higher) as ante to be dealt the 2 hole cards. If you like the hands, and to play the flop player needs to bet 2x respective ante $20. For turn and river the single ante bets is optional. it's basically a minimum of S$30 to play until the river card is dealt against the house, if you fold pre-flop the loss is $10 for the initial ante bet. To be sure the deck are not shuffled with pre-determined distribution, it is better that players sit out deals, so sometimes there are 5, 6 or 7 players. For skeptics like me, it is easy for house to pre-program the shuffle to give the house dealer premium hands regularly if there are always 7 players. 1+7x2+1+F3+1+T1+1+R1=23, if the system is programmed every 24th and 25th cards are ACES, the chance of any player winning is very low.

AA in both the Player's and Dealer's Hand 1000 to 1
AA 30 to 1
AKs 25 to 1
AQs/AJs 20 to 1
AKo 15 to 1
KK/QQ/JJ (High Pairs) 10 to 1
AQo/AJo 5 to 1
TT-22 (Low Pairs) 3 to 1
BONUS bet is paid when the Player's Hole card matches the posted pay table.

Community Royal Flush S$10,000
Straight Flush S$1,500
Four of a Kind S$300

Royal Flush (5 cards/FLOP) 100% Progressive Jackpot
Royal Flush (6 cards/TURN)
With at least one player pocket card 25% Progressive Jackpot
Royal Flush (7 cards/RIVER)
With at least one player pocket card 5% Progressive Jackpot
PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT is paid on a combination of the player's 1 or 2 HOLE cards with any Community Cards (only) on the FOUR OF A KIND or better. The table has a running display that shows how much the amount is, it was more than S$ 250,000!

The house doesn't need to cheat. According to one expert on gambling, the house has a 2.04% edge in this game. That's five times bigger than the house's advantage in pontoon. See this for more information on the game.
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