Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

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Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

Postby derrik » Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:39 pm

Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?Roulette Tips

I've played 11k hands at 10NL playing 32/28 winning 11bb/100. I feel like my game is good and play a good style at these stakes. There are a fair reg TAG players who I exploit thats my reason for playing so loose.
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Can I carry this on at 10NL and moving onto 25NL? Or do I have to tighten up to be more profitable?
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Re: Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

Postby ikelos » Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:49 pm

11bb/100 is pretty darn phenomenal. suggest you work towards a 100k hand sample before you consider anything else, cos your present sample is fairly short term, and might not provide you with an accurate picture.
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Re: Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

Postby Brasstal » Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:24 pm

yeah i think ur probably playing fewer tables and thus the lag style is very effective.

If you move up to 25NL its gonna be tougher but if you do play laggish i suggest doing it on the 40-100bb or 100-250bb tables. A lag style is tougher to exploit on those stakes compared to a 20-50bb game where its very -ev to play lag with the shortstacks.

As ikelos mentioned, play a bigger hand range but I think if u play deeper tables, and do not mad multitable (thus u can spot the spots to bluff etc against the regs) playing LAG at 25NL is still profitable.

Gd luck.
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Re: Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

Postby LunarWolfspirit » Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:45 pm

Interestingly enough, I was going to start a thread with the exact same title...

I have been getting into the habit of playing online a lot more now and to brush up on my game, I was doing a bit of reading on the 2+2 forums (where there is an excellent resource for all players btw...)

The consensus there seems to be that playing Weak-Tight (or ABC poker as they call it) is the most profitable way to conquer the microstakes simply because of the field of players you meet.

I haven't really gotten to experience much success with it yet though (played only ~100 hands with this style so far). I just ended a 3-hour session where I did a dumb coin-toss with AK and lost to Aces and my subsequent buy-in was break-even.

Previously playing LAG suited me a lot better, but the swings are pretty drastic. I consistently find myself winning much early in the session but as it goes to a close, I slip quite heavily to the point of even losing my buy-in. At this point I'm not sure whether its just me losing my discipline/attention span as the session goes on or whether its just a bad way to play at the micro stakes.

What I've also read is that as the stakes go up, you play against a consistently skilled field that can recognize your moves for what they are. They play back more because your c-bet, donk-bet moves are seen for what it is... In other words, you can really embrace your "style" now, and its really a grind to jump to the next level...

Has anyone been consistently LAG and graduated? Is my impression of how online poker is atm wrong?

P.S. Apologies for not being able to post much stats, I'm still new with the VPIP/pfr/Agg numbers, configing my HUD and all that...
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Re: Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

Postby cse2k » Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:21 pm

I think when you play on 6max game you can use lag style on micro tables because many players tends to play tight, and of course the variation better. But in 9~10 max table I don't really play that loose, instead I tight up abit in the early game and loose up in the middle and back to tight in the late game where I was going to end my session. While in 6max I tend to be very loose and catches player that are overly aggresive and take a big bite on them. Thus don't mention those heartbreaking bad beats, others is still quite nice. But I'm not playing multitable, only 2 at table at 6max game, sometimes 3 with fullring game. Maybe this helps? I mean mix up the style abit but not going all the way with LAG style.
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Re: Can I win at the micros playing a LAG style?

Postby LunarWolfspirit » Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:06 pm

Thanks for the advice. I do find that 6-max dynamics has a lot of difference.
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