Hi there~Its good to see you all here

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Hi there~Its good to see you all here

Postby samkid83 » Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:47 pm

Hi there,i m a newbie member at here,just happily find this website without intention.

I was a guy just who makes a living thru cash game low limit at pokerstars,just want to shared everything incoming future around here.

For me i think cash game its a big diffrent compare to tounament players,even you got edge around your playing field you cant rest a long time without`grinding`the game and hands.

I think its very boring to grind out 5- 10 hours per day,its not suit for everyone to do it but its for who got intention to think this is a full time job or have some mission to complete.

May be i m the internet nerd lol,i was played few years ago start of 0.25/0.50 FR fix limit till now 3/6,my journey just can said is very conservative cause i never having single losing month,may b i grind hard so the variance will be lower.

Last year i was achived pokerstars supernova status with 200Vpps cleared,currently also hit the last year target too,but may b will grind crazy and try to hit 300k Vpps till the end of the year.

I found out the regualrs on every website are earn much more lower than before,because losing players was busted,megalomaniac coin flipper are very rare can find out in the table,they can easily busto in very quickly when got 5-6 regualrs shark are waiting.

Grinding its very hard when facing downswing or breakeven in 100k hands or even more than that.I was get 1 time in this year with 200k hands breakeven its very frustrating and u feel like u r the worst player in that field even your all time results are 1BB/100 hands player with huge database to proof.(like 2 millions hands)

For my all time experiance,cash game in whatever filed the point key to be success are try to max the volume of hands every sesion you started,cut few tables when in bad conditions,but results have to maintain +ev if not u will be one of the rakeback machine.

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Re: Hi there~Its good to see you all here

Postby PokerChief » Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:13 pm

Hi Newbie member,

I still dont quite understand.. would u care to explain it all over again?
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