Your Favourate Poker Blogs

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Your Favourate Poker Blogs

Postby felixleong » Sun Apr 06, 2008 8:00 pm

Basically I'm quite a talkative person and I also believe that to improve in the game of poker its not only by learning plenty of strategies and playing many many hands. It also comes down to thinking about the game as a whole, and discuessing about poker outside the game is a great way to transform your mind and lifestyle to fit with poker naturally.

So let me start the ball rolling by having this week's topic, whats your favourate poker blog?

I love blogging daily, its a good way to engrave my ideas, feelings and thoughts permernently so that I can always read back again and to share with others.
But I love reading someone else's blog even more! their ups and downs, super winning streaks and duper long downswings, what kinda poker life style they lead and how poker's affecting their life/relationships/family etc. There are many lessons to be learnt from others and its interesting to read too, just like watching a movie ^_^

Here are some of my favourate poker blogs~

So whats yours?
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