LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

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LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby LunarWolfspirit » Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:01 am

Hi Kakis!

Over Christmas 2010, I finally got the opporuinity to head to Macau and experience live poker past the Home Games for the very first time.

In the 3 days I spent there, I took the liberty to travel around the different casinos and experience the ambience, people and most importantly, the GAME!

When I got back, I got lazy to type this but I suddenly got the inspiration to do it again!

So without further adeu, here is my...


Just some background, I stayed over at the Grand Waldo which was a humble hotel with a small casino, nothing much to boast about. It was fairly close to Venetian and had a shuttle service going to the Ferry/Bus Terminals where you could easily transit to the major casinos. What's noteworthy however, is just across Grand Waldo, they were building this really magnificient new IR called 'Galaxy'. Definitely something to look towards in future visits.

Ok my review will go through the following categories:
Ambience -- The atmosphere of the room.
Professionalism -- Service
Table Synergy -- Quite a subjective point, but mostly the field of players I met at the various casinos.
Cleaniness -- Chips, table etc.
Amenities -- Drinks, service beyond the table.
Overall Experience -- Summary.

I started Day 1 at The Venetian. Registered my name at the counter. Lady wasn't really proficient in English, but she didn't mess it up anyway. Blinds being offered were 10/25, 25/50 any higher I didn't take particular notice. I waited for about 5 minutes.

Ambience (4/10)
Aside from some TVs showing ESPN around the room, nothing much else was done to retain the overall elegance of the Venetian.

Professionalism (4/10)
The dealer looked ethnic and spoke English pretty well but her face looked so sour! I asked for my chips to be volumed up (they sat me down with singular 1k chips) and she just snappily told me to post my blind with the full 1k and she'll do it later.

As the game went along, Calling was being done by just flinging in a larger chip upfront if you do not have the appropriate change (which is common practice) but as the dealer wasn't audible in announcing calls or raises, it was quite disorienting at first.

There was a slight argument at the table when one of the players pushed all-in out of turn and the player was insisting (incorrectly) that if he were to throw a min-raise, the person was forced to call. The dealer didn't really step in actively to uphold the rules and instead let the players bicker themselves.

Table Synergy (6/10)
No really obvious fishes, and as I found out later, about 70% of the table was filled with regulars as I met them again playing tightly at other casinos. Mostly middle-old aged uncles and aunties. Table wasn't short of action however.

Cleaniness (5/10)
First thing I noticed upon taking my seat was the table felt. It had stains on it and had faded from excessive usage over time. Not very impressive. Chips were sticky and riffling it didn't feel so good.

Amenities (5/10)
Bottled water was being served, but aside from that the waiters were pretty busy serving the rest of the casino floor.

Overall Experience (5/10)
About a pass at best. Worth dropping by only if you're around the vicinity as no other casinos offer Texas Hold'em there AFAIK.

From the in-hotel magazine, to billboards around the town, Pokerstars' Grand Lisboa room definitely did not skeeze on the marketing department. Boasting daily satellites and tournaments, I went there with high hopes of being pampered unparalelled by any other.

Ambience (6/10)
Perhaps I had gotten my expectations too high, but it looked pretty ordinary. Only scoring it higher than Venetian because Grand Lisboa didn't really seem to have an overall theme that they needed to adopt and well, at least they made it known it was owned by Pokerstars, with its logo and runs of clips of our local pro Bryan Huang. There was a short queue, but there were couches and an abundance of empty tables as the poker room was at least 3 times bigger than Venetian's. Dealer button had the Pokerstars emblem... Looked pretty sweet.

Professionalism (7/10)
Not much complaints here, I think the service has settled at a pretty ordinary pace being one of the more popular rooms. No real need to impress, and Dealer was doing her job well with an occasional yawn.

I had intentions to join the satellite, but ended up having too much fun at the cash game table to bother. The game was

Table Synergy (5/10)
Having the Pokerstars label to it has its re-percussions. The field was the toughest I faced during the entire trip. I saw a few familiar faces and did strike up a conversation with a regular who gave me a lowdown on some of the people he's profiled while playing here, but pretty much had to play a tight game throughout as big pairs were going to showdown often and they weren't afraid to check-raise.

Cleaniness (7/10)
Chips were sticky, but its something to expect of such a popular location. Everything else looked in good condition.

Amenities (6/10)
Mostly water, but a hostess makes her rounds now and then so getting a drink wasn't really difficult. Washroom was nearby, so you can hurry and not waste too many hands out of the blinds.

Overall Experience (7/10)
Pretty standard overall, essentially the only? place for tournaments. Also nearby the Sintra hotel which has gotten good reviews on how its the most value for money.

Wow. Just wow. From the exterior right till the interior depths of the casino, you'll be blown away. The place was really designed to look posh and the brands they had in the shopping district of the mall clearly drew evidence to that.

Ambience (9/10)
The theme carries through throughout the hotel and casino. The poker section was cordoned off and the lights were dimly lit just to provide the right kind of atmosphere.

Professionalism (9/10)
If you watched seasons of Poker After Dark or High Stakes Poker, there is this one particular dealer who can really flick the cards and throw the chips swee swee. This guy right here is like the asian version of him. Really impressed.

Table Synergy (8/10)
Funny story. I was actually brought to a table of the wrong stakes. Instead of 10/25, they sat me down at the 25/50. What had happened was they opened a new table and was asking the people in queue to head over. I must've just went along. Anyway, the players at 25/50 were so different. Mostly businessmen with thick wallets gambling. I didn't get much time to profit though, I had gone there late at night, I was getting tired, and pretty soon regs started sitting down. The stakes were getting too nosebleed for me.

Cleaniness (9/10)
Table looked polished and brand new, and chips were not sticky at all!

Amenities (6/10)
Again, water mainly. I didn't really get thirsty so I didn't call for drinks, but later on after I left, it took me a while to get drinks as they do it on a per order basis.

Overall Experience (8/10)
This place was pure class and if I ever get the cash, I'd definitely stay there. For those interested, they did have the option for Omaha, although I didn't see any tables open at the time.

I can't remember why I went to check it out, I actually got slightly tired of just playing Poker for the entire 3 days but with nothing else to do I wanted to just have a look at their Poker section.

Ambience (8/10)
The club is all the way up on the third story and located in a cosy, secluded corner. The floor itself has a few slot machines and apart from a section dedicated to some VIP rooms, I believe its pretty much solely dedicated to Poker. There was only 1 table running when I got there but they opened a 5-handed table as there was already a short queue building up.

Professionalism (9/10)
The place conducted themselves really well. The moment I sat down, I was asked if I wanted any drinks. The coffee was tasted awesome and really perked me up. They weren't stingy with the small drink tables either and gave as many necessary to ensure maximum comfort.

The dealer was as good as the one at Wynn, but only thing was his english was terrible, to an extent that it was incomprehensible. For that, not giving it a perfect score.

Table Synergy (10/10)
Best. Night. Ever! It started out five handed, so I was able to open up my range and there were pretty much no regulars except two "young guns" seated to my left and right. We kinda had a unspoken agreement to get out of their way when they were in pots and at one point in the night, a guy who was learning to play poker actually sat down with a 3k HKD buy-in. Let's just say he left empty handed pretty quickly. As we kept picking up pots, we started building a feared reputation and they gave us more credit and made some pretty sick laydowns.

I guess the low number of players is a turn-off to regulars who want to just sit down and grind it out at populated tables.

Cleaniness (10/10)
It might be because of the fact that its not a very popular area at the moment, but the tables and chips seemed brand new! I spent a good four hours riffling away at my chips :D

Amenities (10/10)
This one knocks the rest out of the ball park. They have a waiting area with private wi-fi, poker and other kinds of magazines, a laptop and TVs! And as always, you can ask any of the staff for drinks while waiting.

Overall Experience (9/10)
If populated tables isn't really your thing and service and the experience is what you're going for, I'd highly recommend Starworld. While the factors at the time did work to my favour, contributing to its high score (went home with 3x my buy-in! haha), Starworld did have some fairly unique features and a regular free atmosphere which might prove to be a good location to frequent while in Macau.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this review and remember, this is merely from my perspective. Have fun if you're heading down to Macau and good luck!
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby krushhead » Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:50 am

Very VERY nice review!
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby Afternoon » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:42 am

Nice review, next trip you can try Hard Rock Poker room @ City of Dream.
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby LunarWolfspirit » Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:18 pm

Thanks for the compliments!

Yep, Afternoon, I sure will. Didn't know if City of Dreams had one, thanks!
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby jw88 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:29 pm

Ya City of Dreams have a poker room, it's at lvl 2 and operated by Hard Rock Casino. I would say that place is real nice too :) Go try it out.
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby BigBoh » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:45 pm

very informative... Thanks man... :)
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby Vinally » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:02 am

nice info. bookmarked it. :)
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby kilerkido » Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:52 am

Nice review. I only played at Lisboa but did go to Starworld and Wynn before. Somehow both casinos atmosphere intimidate me :).

Any idea how starworld chips work? Seems like everyone has hundreds of chips!!
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby LunarWolfspirit » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:02 am

They are normal cash game chips, just like in Lisboa. Maybe you saw some players with deep pockets that day... :)
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Re: LunarWolfspirit's Macau Texas Hold'em Casino Review 2011

Postby kilerkido » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:54 am

Hmm i dont think so :) Haha all the 3 tables that were opened have tons of chips on it! I just didnt have the time to ask the counter lady as I was rushing to check in my hotel. Shall ask the next time :)

Thanks for the reply!
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