Bilal Nael - Poker Scammer Alert

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Bilal Nael - Poker Scammer Alert

Postby NKOTB » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:57 pm

Hi guys,

just posting here to warn you guys about a scammer on the loose. I was a victim and I hope that none of you will have to suffer my fate.

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Re: Bilal Nael - Poker Scammer Alert

Postby MikeTheFish » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:56 pm

hey nkotb how did u get scam>???
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Re: Bilal Nael - Poker Scammer Alert

Postby bilalnaelthechetaer » Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:33 pm

$10,000 REWARD for the Arrest and Conviction of this man: BILAL NAEL or NAEL BILAL (Bill) and $500 immediate REWARD for any new, useful and corroborated information about him or his family.

He's an "alleged" international conman and scam artist who travels the world, but mainly in USA, (Los Angeles, las Vegas, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, Dubai, Macao, china, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Peru, Costa Rica and many Russian countries.

He books most of his trips via EXPEDIA.COM, using his customer card

His details: Bill Nael or Bilal Nael born: Beirut, Lebanon 26 Feb 1978; married to Farida Turakhanova Nael (former Miss Turkey), kids Sami & Serine Nael

He poses as an international/global businessman, very intelligent, educated, friendly, charming, engaging, with world-wide connections.

He uses many alia's and has many different passports.( Lebanon, UK.etc..)

He travels with his IPAD and Blackberry/Iphone

He currently weighs over 300 pounds, (see picture's), loves food and has medical problems (severe migraines, constipation, wears a lot of hair gel and takes a lot of over the counter medicines).

He will tell you great stories and buy you dinner, offer to go gambling play poker, get a massage or hookers, etc., before he begins his con and scam.

He usually will ask you for money upfront or to wire it to his bank or western union and the sum can be as low as $500 or $5,000 and up, but usually does not give you any receipts or paperwork and never pay back !

He recently tried to con a famous old poker player/wsop main event winner on November 6-7, 2010, in his home town (details available)

He usually checks into hotels and registers as an: NRG (non register guest), so you don’t know how to reach him.

His preferred method of operation: to befriend you in a poker room (cash/tournament games), on a "hunting" trip in Russia, in the "entertainment" arena (concerts, movie-making, etc.) or in the iphone and other "electronic"/computer media/equipment fields.

He has been known to work his "alleged" cons/scams with his wife: Farida Turakhanova Nael and David K. Luneke (, or, a business consultant helping him with his "renewed energy" investment scams ( ethanol/diesel ).

His "alleged" scams/cons utilize, Money laundering millions of US$(Malaysia), Western Union, rock concerts, movie business, consumer electronics "renewed energy" and miscellaneous other types, he also do internet fraud etc...

He also loves to play online poker poker stars name: pokerkingbn and absolute poker name: texaspokerk, plus other sites

Some of his current email addresses:,,,

His many recent international numbers +17024783878,+13108061813, +1998903299940,, +60133222220 ,+3809975552951, +85366505105, +85362403700, +60136038550 (many disconnected now).

His company ( Bill Nael is listed as mgr/owner ) named : Zoxsoft Comp, 5250 W. Century Blvd, (Suite 511) Los Angeles , CA 90045, Marwan NAEL ( Ceo at Zoxsoft Corp)arab guy answers phone, but they are very suspicious to new callers

Another company bilal nael is listed as administrative contact:

He has recent criminal case filed in Macau, 2010 (case #3555/2010)and they are "allegedly" working with "INTERPOL" to find and bring him in for questioning.

He has warrants for his arrest in Lebanon for scamming people, so he can't go to Lebanon as he will get arrested at the airport by the police

His most recent los Angeles (U.S.A) address is: 3110 colby ave, #202, Los Angeles, ca 90025,his most recent Macau address is at: vista magnifico court, unit 32-1, Macao, China, and in Uzbekistan/Turkey (wife with family)

His details and picture's on twitter ,linkedin,Facebook,blogs etc.. also, his wife, Farida Turakhanova Nael ( google and find ! )

A partial list of some people he has "allegedly" conned/scammed:
*R. J. (USA): he scammed me 12/22/2008 I sent Farida his wife, the money; he said he was going to send me Nokia phones. like I said he was my friend".
*Norbert K. a Singaporean, "I have been scammed by Bilal Nael as well, stayed with him in Macao and KL before in 2010".
*Mr John (USA) "I was scammed by Bilal (Bill) for about $35,000 usd and he wanted me to invest in big project".
*Michael H (USA) "he used western union scam on me and also promised to pay for a $4,000 eye operation".
*Herman (Macau) he scammed me for $ 48000.- for Apple Iphones etc..

And others that do not want their name listed publically ( also internet fraud etc..)

He also tried to scam, Larry k. (HK/Macao) for about $15,000 usd to invest in a "camping" project and and T.J.P. Jr. (famous poker player), and also many other Poker players. 

Bilal Nael Family details:
His wife's name is: Farida Turakhanova Nael, a former Miss Turkey
His children name's is: Sami & Serine Nael (who he refers to as "his little monkees
His brother name: Ali Bilal ( sometimes in Lebanon and China)
His sister's name is: Samah Nael Sleiman married with Ali Sleiman ( also both on Face book ) and baby Celine
His Mother lives in Paris, his father (Sami Nael) deceased

Also owns 2 very large dogs named: "king and queen" (who his kids ride), have 2 live-in servants who take care of
kids, dogs, do cooking/shopping, drive his Mercedes ( from money he scammed many people !!)

[i]For additional info: send us email: or

All information submitted will be treated confidentially and not published/posted on web, unless express permission given.

If you know anything about this man or know people he has or may have "allegedly" conned/scammed you are urged to contact me immediately, in order to claim your reward and bring this "alleged" international conman/scam artist to justice.

[i]Thank you for your co-operation in order to help: "CATCH A THIEF BILAL NAEL ( BILL)"

p.s. We also have this info in Arabic text and it's posted on Arabic websites etc....
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Re: Bilal Nael - Poker Scammer Alert

Postby support » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:20 pm

Hi Norbert,

We got this email.

No we're not deleting this thread.

Good luck :lol:

@Nael if your reading this. This forum has a full blown anti-scammer policy. We will reveal all related info, ip/email and account info for all scammers. You have conned a long participating member of the forum and a reputable member of the poker community, thus deem a scammer.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nael <>
Date: Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 3:32 AM
Subject: Im being extorted

I reported this and still didn’t get any reply

im being extorted by a convicted criminal called herman de wilt he is wanted all over europe and the US and he is doing posting about me and my family all over the internet i already have a legal case against him and he did a posting on your site and this following links:

He is not only posting wrong and a lot of personal information and making allegations with no proof but he is also but he is also putting stolen pictures for me my wife and children unauthorized by myself im sure this break a lot of your rules and policies.

i need this to be removed
please advice
Bilal Nael
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Re: Bilal Nael - Poker Scammer Alert

Postby NKOTB » Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:39 pm

hi Support and Team kaki,

I'm indeed touched by the 'support' (no pun intended) I get from team kaki.

It will be a matter of time before this man meets his karmic end.


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