Good News for American Players

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Re: Good News for American Players

Postby raisefold » Sun May 22, 2011 2:59 pm

lol too bad we're not american
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Re: Good News for American Players

Postby ronshaks » Tue May 24, 2011 8:52 am

haizz... ever wondered how come they dun go after the payment processors as hard as they do the poker sites? maybe its because these providers are subsidiaries or even wholly owned by the banks??? (wuz just wondering).in dat case, would dat constitute any violation of the anti-trust laws? or does anti-trust specifically targets monopolies onlii???

besides, i would think that ps would be foolish to have engaged third party payment processors who are independent of the banking institutions given the amount of transactions that roll into the hundreds of millions everyday. there are definitely more than enuf US banks with offshore subsidiaries able to handle US accounts offshore without violation of the UIGEA by masking them into a general nominee account (and labelling them as offshore deposits) before advancing the money into ps.

lol... since i wun likely be a poker pro, might as well be a conspiracy theorist... :)

disclaimer: i disclaim all responsibility of having written the above since i was highly intoxicated with alcoholic beverages at the time and therefore have involuntarily given up all reasonable thought and cognitive control of myself. in other words, i was tarpau oledi and therefore have no recollection whatsoever of anything that has been written prior to dis disclaimer. hence, i hereby categorically deny all knowledge pertaining to the above posting.
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