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help in learning poker online

Postby imanoob72 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:06 am

first of all i would like to thank all the kind soul who taught me how to get the ps funds.

i put in 60usd.

i lost them all.

mostly i won in the sit and gos tourneys. however i lost it all in cash games. i just suck at it. therefore i am avoiding all cash games. lol.

also at times when i play in sit and go or tourneys, i would have one of the highest stake. however when it's reaching to a point where the blind is high, there would always be this one person who would always go all in and get my blinds. i usually would call that guy only with good playable cards but always i will lose to some low hands. if i dont try to play, the good cards never come and i would lose all my stakes to blind.

what im trying to say is that i need some guidance. when i play, i dont really care about the percentage or think like how you pokerkakis think. i just have a feel whether i have the highest hand or whether that guy has a higher hand. whether he was waiting for a flush or not, or does he have two pairs, or bluffing those kinds of stuff. how do i get an extra edge like you guys have?

im having so much free time till the end of year since im waitin for ns. i would like to try to gain somethin from ps instead of having to put my money in when i want to play. i honestly dont mind breaking even as long as i can play poker everyday. im going to be bankrupt if i keep putting money in. lols.
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Re: help in learning poker online

Postby valkyr » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:30 pm

Hi, to answer your question regarding extra edge.
Sngs are an entirely different form of poker as compared to cash games. The goal is always to accumulate all of the chips to win the tournament barring any major icm considerations. In my opinion I would say your biggest edge in sngs is the ability to judge situations where people will likely fold to a steal and make the steal accordingly. If you are really interested in mastering sit and goes, i would recommend a software called sngwizard. Also do practise good BR management. you need at least 60-100 BIs for STTs depending on stakes and a good 200-500 BIs for 90/180 mans depending on stakes.
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Re: help in learning poker online

Postby chenghao » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:10 pm

Read the hands posted there , ... ection-50/

Read all the links in this thread.

Play and update your hands

1 hour of play time : 1 hour or study time
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