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Poker Terminology & Abbreviations

Postby DM101 » Sat May 03, 2008 4:18 am

Statistical Analysis

PTBB - pokertracker big bet - refers to what the big bet would be in no-limit games, if there were such a thing. Twice the big blind. Used by Poker Tracker software to calculate winrates.

VPIP - voluntarily put money in pot. The percentage of times the player put money into a pot, adjusted for forced blind bets.

PFR - preflop raise. The percentage of times the player raised preflop. This will necessarily be less than VPIP, unless the player never calls preflop, in which case the two would be equal.

WWSF - won when saw flop. The percentage of times the player won (or split) the pot compared to number of flops seen.

W$SD - won at showdown. The percentage of times the player wins when involved in a showdown.

AF - aggression factor. A measure of the player’s aggression after the flop.

Flopped Hands

TPTK - top pair and the best possible non-paired kicker.

TPGK - top pair and a good, but not top, kicker.

TPBK - top pair, bad kicker. Your punishment for limping A3o from EP.

Top two - top two pairs. Holding 98 and getting a 984 flop.

Rainbow - three different suits on the flop, no apparent flush draw.

Three suited - three cards of the same suit on the flop.

Trips - three of a kind made with one card in hand and two on the flop.

Set - three of a kind made with a pocket pair and a matching card on the flop.

OESD - open ended straight draw. A card above or below the draw will complete the straight. Example, holding QJ, you get a Ktx flop. Any ace or nine will complete a straight. This gives the player eight outs to hit the straight.

Gutshot - an inside straight draw. Only four cards will complete the straight. Example, holding QJ, the flop is AT7. Only a king will complete the straight draw.

Double belly buster - a straight draw with eight outs, but the straight cards are not consecutive. Example, holding JT and getting an AQ8 flop. Any king or nine will complete a straight.

Tournament Play

ITM - in the money. This player has earned at least one of the minimum prizes.

Bubble - when a tournament has almost been reduced to the number of players that will receive prizes.

ROI - return on investment. Expressed as a percentage, the formula is Profit/Buyins. A zero% ROI is a breakeven player.

Pushbot - a player capable of making all-in “pushes” when first in the pot.

OTT - over the top. Also used in cash games. A big reraise following a raise, and perhaps a smooth call.

M - a measure, introduced in the Harrington on Holdem books, of how many chips a player has in relation to the blinds and antes. With 1000/2000 blinds, and a 200 ante, a player at a nine-handed table has an M of 10 with 48,000 chips.

Play Styles and Actions

TAG - tight-aggressive guy (or girl). This player plays few hands, but plays those few aggressively.

LAG - loose-aggressive guy. This player can dominate a game, but is vulnerable.

OOP - out of position - you are not last to act in the current betting round.

ABC poker - poker in a very straightforward manner. No bluffs, no semi-bluffs, no continuation bets.

Float - call a bet thin on one street, perhaps with a weak draw, with the intention of taking the pot away with a big bet on a later street (or get lucky and hit the weak draw).

Donk bet - When first to act, making a bet into the player who was the aggressor on a previous street. This can be done as a bad play (hence the name), or as a strategic move, intending to reraise a predicted raise.

WA/WB - way ahead or way behind. On a flop of J32 (all spades), you are holding red jacks. In this case, you are either way ahead or way behind, depending on whether the opponent flopped a flush, a flush draw, or nothing.
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