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Postby mahindarous » Mon May 16, 2011 7:12 pm

I was in Darwin for some cash games last week and I got bad beated by a NOOB with runner straight flash. First time in my life I thought I can only see it on youtube.

Blinds are 5/10 AUSSIE 10 handed table. I was on the button while the guy(James or something) was on the big blind. I've got [Jd] [Jh] so i raised to 40. So everybody folded til James who was on the big blind. So he re-raised to 100. At that point of time I was putting him on picture picture or pocket pair. I dare not re-raise him as both of our chips are alot, close to 1k, in case he re-raise me all in and he got higher pockets then me. So I just called 100.

Flop: [Js] [Jc] [5d]

So of cos I flop the Quads and I was thinking how to fish him in. To my astonishment, he shafted all-in. I insta called. He showed his cards [Qs] [Ks] . I was like "yes". I covered him so he stood up and was about to leave the table.

Turn: [Ts]
River: [9s]

The rest of the 8 players all stood up and yelled. I was so so so so so pissed and couldn't believe it. This is the worst bad beat of my life. The worst thing he said after that, "You shouldn't have call my all in, today is my lucky day." I just fk him and left the table.
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Postby MaTaKazer » Mon May 16, 2011 9:25 pm

super duper donk play and lucky he is

how you 'fked him'?

that sure sucked... would have suspected that guy + dealer of cheating. All in with nothing and opp got quads, then sucking out with runner runner straight flush? just look too suspicious.

anyway i am quite shocked that the whole table stood up also... oh wait, did the whole table left cos they suspect a cheat? I would have left lol.
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Postby bigkahuna » Mon May 16, 2011 11:33 pm

cheating usually happens on less high profile hands.

the aim is to get your stack, not get everyone all excited.

typical scenario:
you're likely to be dealt pocket aces, have someone push all in with his kings (you insta-call, of course), and the dealer magically puts a king on the turn or river. you curse everyone, but don't suspect a thing and sit down to rebuy. after all, he had kings, its a reasonable move...

rinse and repeat. they usually switch a few types of these 'reasonable hands' on you, where even after you think abt it, you go away feeling it was a fair play.

if you really were cheated, then these guys were amateurs. most would want to call as little attention to themselves as possible.

and they always want you to be comfortable and re-buy.
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