Strat Discussion: Blinds Defense

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Strat Discussion: Blinds Defense

Postby felixleong » Sat May 17, 2008 9:19 pm

I have not found much information on this topic from my library of poker books, I mostly read from hand discussion and short articles to formula my blinds defense game plays.
Here I would like to seek fellow pokerkaki's thoughts and ideas on this topic ^_^

Against a Button/CO steal, is it generally better to 3-bet? or flat call? preflop with say a tight range like


Are all small-mid pairs worth a call in SB&BB for the implied odds of hitting the set regardless of raiser's range/position?

If adding some light 3-betting hands, what hands are more suitable? and at what frequency mix to the real hands?
Small-mid pairs? 22-99
Suited connectors? 45s+
High cards? AT,KJ,QJ etc
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Re: Strat Discussion: Blinds Defense

Postby AsiaPokerAcademy » Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:53 am

(Keep in mind I play mostly 5 and 6 max tables, so my numbers aren't fit for full ring)

What informs my decision when choosing how to react is:
1) thiefs range
2)how they tend to react to a 3bet
3)their post flop betting tendencies.

Against a super tight thief, I am rarely willing to call and play them out of position, unless I feel they are apt to make huge post flop mistakes. Against a skilled postflop player with a 15-20% Att Steal Blinds, I will fold most everything, as their positional advantage is too strong. But against anyone who really pounds the blinds (30%- up) I tend to reraise a wide range, including suited connectors down to 54s, pocket pairs, and premium hands.

Against players who are unwilling to see a flop when they are three bet, I will 3bet them very light. For example, there are some players where a 3bet will effectively fold out their entire range and clearly define their hand, i.e., they will fold all Axs-A9s, KT-KQ, QJ-QT,22-88, etc. and only call with TT-JJ, reraising their premium hands. Against this type of opponent, I am more likely to 3bet and steal from them every time they don't have the nuts. However, if they will call 3bets light and use their position against me post-flop, I am likely to fold preflop and not get involved. Being out of position against tricky players is a recipe for annoyance.

If they are a straight forward post flop player, who doesn't make a lot of moves, I am more likely to get involved by 3betting or smooth calling pre-flop. If they are tricky, same rules as above, I don't want to be involved in raised pots, out of position, against tricky post flop players.

As for calling vs raising, I mix my game up, occasionally calling with strong hands or raising with mediocre holdings.
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Re: Strat Discussion: Blinds Defense

Postby vaevictis » Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:57 pm

above post pretty much sums it up.

Always consider stealer's tendencies and stats before your own hand.
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