have a look guys

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have a look guys

Postby CML » Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:10 am

hero: king 8 diamonds

called bb. 4 callers
flop: 4 d Ace d Ace clubs
villian raised to 12bbs
hero called
turn: 7 clubs
villian called 15bbs
hero called
turn: 2 d
HERO WAS EXCITED, HE HAD THE NUT FLUSH, he was sure villian has at least an ace.
villian goes all in, what will u do? u have about 10 bbs left.

i'll post the result ltr.

p.s structure: MTT 250 remaining frm 4000
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Re: have a look guys

Postby suitedpairs29 » Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:14 am

let me comment on the play

first of, hero chooses to limp with K8 of diamonds which is a trouble hand.

secondly, on a paired board, villain bets out 12BB. I think the pot only had 7BB at the most prior to villain betting out. villain most definitely has an Ace or is mentally retarded. chasing a draw here is bad because you have no odds

thirdly, after villain notices that you called the huge overbet, he is either scared thinking you have a stronger ace or trapping with a monster (although, if he is trapping he is doing it horribly). we can somewhat discount that villain had a strong ace since he did not raise preflop. now he bets out 15BB, once again, a fold should be in order.

lastly, when your draw does hit villain shoves and you are left with only 10BB. so if my math is correct, prior to this horror show, hero had 1BB + 12BB + 15BB + 10BB = 38BB, which is alot. folding now is dumb since hero hit his draw. i dont understand why hero is scared all of a sudden of villain shoving? does the shoving indicate strength? didnt the the 12BB and 15BB bets indicate this?

i am fairly certain the villain rivered the full house, probably Aces or Deuces full, based on the fact that we are in the Bad Beat Section. although I dont really classify this as a bad beat. if villain was posting and didnt get his full house but got rivered by a flush, that would be a bad beat, because he was betting to make all draws fold. bad beat happens when the money goes in and the hand behind catches up, not the other way around.

i would offer one piece of advice for hero: FOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD PREFLOP
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