Bankroll Required to Go Pro

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Re: Bankroll Required to Go Pro

Postby Lo0o0o0n » Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:12 am

Not sure if anybody remembered or not...but one of my first few posts on this forum was one about going pro too...i was seriously considering trying out making a living just by playing poker...

however more than half a year later...the hype is gone for of the reasons for that is that most of the posts on that thread more or less told me that going pro was a bad idea...if not a tough one...

and also...after playing alot more poker throughout the months i realised that playing poker recreationally was really alot less taxing mentally...and that psychological factor is probably a major contributor to my positive results today...if i have a breakeven session...i can just turn off the comp and go out without a care....however...a pro having a breakeven session will have a totally different effect on the player...moz likely a negative one

basically wat i think is that after going pro...priorities for your poker life change...and thus ur play changes as well...and so i dont think its very accurate to judge how much u will make as pro by the results of recreational way to tell if u can make it as a probably to try it out as a pro and monitor about a year's worth of results...(or 3 years as 2+2 may suggests)

ok...anyway i thank all who posted on my previous "going pro" thread for slapping me back to really made me appreciate my game alot more....=)

Alex Loon
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Re: Bankroll Required to Go Pro

Postby mudspot » Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:25 am

Hi Kakis,

going Pro has a serious attraction to me now.

hmmm, perhaps I should not say going pro, because I will have another serious stream of income in options trading. I think the thing I am trying to do is to find a way not to work for anyone. perhaps I am facing a midlife crisis, getting real bored with just work.

I am pretty sendetary, so I am not willing to put in the leg work in a financial services or real estate career. Besides I have no passion in them.

Nevertheless, I think my bottomline action is this -> I will only consider going pro if I can earn 4 x my current salary per month (from poker) continuously for 6 months. It's a good exercise. If I make it, good then I have an option. If not, I have a decent bankroll by then. lol
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Re: Bankroll Required to Go Pro

Postby felixleong » Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:02 pm

Well you can give it a try for like an entire year full time and see how it goes.
But make sure that if the plan fails, best is if you still have a path to fall back on, maybe like going back to the old job or a new career path thats not too late for that age.
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