India Poker Series host 5 day poker carnival - 21-25 Mar '12

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India Poker Series host 5 day poker carnival - 21-25 Mar '12

Postby indiapokerseries » Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:07 pm

India Poker Series to host 5 day poker carnival from 21st to 25th March 2012 at Casino Royale Goa

India Poker Series (IPS), which held the first poker tourney of poker circuit of India in 2012 in January 2012 (after holding the first in 2011 and also the first of 2010 at Casino Royale Goa), has had the unique distinction of introducing popular formats of tourney from time to time. They are very selective about what they introduce. They had first introduced the Re-Buy tournament in 2011 and it gained immense popularity and was followed by others subsequently. This was popular because it gave players a chance to play aggressive game and enjoy the “shove fest”. Later IPS initiated the process of having Re-Entry in most of their events. This gave players a chance to re-enter if they got fully busted out early in the tournament after a bad beat. “Players travel from so far and come to attend our IPS and they don’t want to go back home early after being dejected after an early exit due to a bad beat. Players have in general liked it and its not possible to make everyone happy. Even the Main Event of WSOP and other major tourneys across the globe are Re-Entry on the next day while we have a one day event, argues Bharat Agarwalla the CEO and Director of India Poker Series.

While now in 2012, IPS has gone ahead an announced a very unique and different format of Freeze Out. It’s a Texas Hold em no doubt and its called a Double Chance Freeze Out. When asked what is Double Chance Freeze Out, Bharat Agarwalla said “After first giving Indian poker player a feel of a highly popular format ie rebuy tournaments, we have now taken the initiative of getting them Double Chance Freeze Outs.”

Going a step further Bharat Agarwalla explained that A Double Chance Freeze Out is something new to India. For a layman it's a mix of one-time rebuy and freeze out. The player has to just do a one time buy in and there is no option to make a rebuy (though some event do permit re-entry to those who are busted but in our IPS 12 that option is not there). So the player here pays the buy in (here in this case Rs 10,000/-) and instead of getting his entire 7000 chips at the beginning, he gets a total of 8000 chips its divided into two parts of 4000 chips each. At the start of play the player receives the first 4,000 chips. He can then choose to receive the other 4,000 (2nd Chance Chips) straight away, or after losing your chips, or at the end of the 90-minute first period (he automatically gets it at the end of this 90 minute period if he has not as yet opted to take his 2nd Chance Chips). He can't rebuy or re-enter into the tournament if he runs out of all his chips (1st Chance and 2nd Chance) – once they're gone, his game's over.

Another new change which will be seen in IPS 12 is that 2 days have been dedicated to full fledged satellites. The 21st and 22nd of March are multi-table satellites. On 21st the satellite is a re-buy satellite with a one time entry fee (another first by us) and 2 set of seats are guaranteed (total 6 seats) for the same. On 22nd is a re-entry based satellite with 4 seats of 20K and 10K as guarantee.

On Friday 23rd of March 2012, the 10K Double Chance Freeze Out is there which will NOT have any re-entry option available to players. While the Saturday 24th of March 2012 will be the Main Event of 20K Buy In where one will have the option to re-enter in the first 90 minutes of play. When a re-entry is done, it’s a treated like a new entry as you get a fresh seating card. The Sunday which is 25th of March 2012, will be the low buy in 5K event.

When asked how many entries he expected on each day, Bharat Agarwalla was of the opinion that on 21st he expected about 20+ entries as it was a satellite with seats to all 3 days and being held on a Wednesday, while for 22nd (Thursday) which was again a satellite leading to the 20K and 10K events, he expected 20+ entries for this as well. The 10K Double Chance Freeze Out to be held on Friday 23rd March 2012, was a very new event to everyone. The response to it can be either very luke warm to extremely good, based on this his estimate of a mean average was 30 but could range anything from 20 to 50. The Main Event of 20K Buy In which is on Saturday 24th March 2012 should expectedly have a pool of more than 6 lacs and could be even as high as 10 lacs. The last day which is Sunday 25th of March 2012, is a very difficult day to project as we have maintained in the past as well, even then we don’t expect the pool to be less than 1.5 lacs and may even touch 2.5 lacs.

Its noticed that for the satellites you have pegged your nos at 20 and for the other days its ranging from 20 to 50 and the general indication is of 30. Is there any particular reason for you to guesstimate these numbers? Bharat Agarwalla said that the turnouts at Goa have fallen in 2012. In 2010 and even in first half of 2011, there used to be fewer tournaments (max 2 in a month) and we used to clock 60+ for the main events and 70-110 for the side events, but now the scenario has changed and there are close to 4 tournaments each month and players have to choose from these weeks, so now they get to choose that weekend when they are free to come and participate and this has led to “distribution”. Looking at the ratios, its fallen in the same ratio as the number of tourneys have gone up (our January 2012) numbers indicate that. Simply taking that as a base and then factoring them, we have come with these expectations.

When asked if he was so confident of the numbers then why dint he give Guarantees based on these numbers like it was done in September when for each day he had given guarantees for 60 entries each and the guarantees were crushed on all 4 days. Bharat defended himself, saying that on 21st and 22nd, we have already given Guarantees based on 20 entries, while for Double Chance Freeze Out, it is very difficult to project how people will respond to it, so giving a guarantee of 30 can also turn out to be risky and giving that of 20 sounds futile. The Sunday 5K is as much predictable day. Last but not the least, the Main Event of 20K where again we are expecting 30 to 50 entries, we would prefer our patrons to come and patronize us rather than we attract them with nos and prize pool. If I were to make a commitment, I could easily commit 25 entries for the said day.

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