Isildur1 vs philivey2694 Showdown

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Isildur1 vs philivey2694 Showdown

Postby tcs » Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:05 pm

Viktor Blom's challenge to play 2,500 hands of $100/200 no limit

In the biggest (and sickest) hand of the match, Blom raised to $600 preflop and called Millar's $2,600 three-bet. The flop brought
[Ad] [Jh] [4c] and Millar fired 4,000 into the pot. Blom called, and the [5s] fell on the turn. Millar led out again, this time for $11,500, and Blom put in a call. The [9d] hit the river and Millar moved all in for his last $32,350. Blom decide to call and showed a meager [Kd] [4d] for bottom pair, but Millar tabled just [7c] [6c] . The $100,900 pot gave Blom a lead he would never relinquish despite a late surge from Millar.

Would you do this? I think this is super sick.
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Re: Isildur1 vs philivey2694 Showdown

Postby XYtexas » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:05 pm

Its pretty normal. And i think the name is Isaac not the above.

Blom raise seem normal, same goes to Isaac 3bet. Nothing wrong for Blom calling Isaac 3bet.

And the bets and calling for flop, turn and river seem pretty standard to me too.

A lot of things cannot be judged based on the surface and as far as i know from other hands history of better players, this is quite normal.
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Re: Isildur1 vs philivey2694 Showdown

Postby crshe » Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:05 am

feel that turn and river made it easy for btm pair to call down.. would have been different if a Q or T dropped instead. having said that.. the board was rly dry man
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Re: Isildur1 vs philivey2694 Showdown

Postby gosubay » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:21 pm

definitely a very tough calldown. No flush draws on the turn at all so isildur has to think that isaac haxton was 3barreling all his gutshots.

IMO this is their thought process...

Isaac Haxton: There is no flushdraw even on the turn. Thus I should 3barrel because Isildur is less likely to put me on busted draw, there isn't even any open enders on the board (except for the turn)

Isildur1: It's a very good spot for Haxton to 3barrel his gutshots because he knows the board is rainbow

just my 2cents, i may be wrong though
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