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The Singapore Poker Championships - Presented by The Aegean Paradise

The SPC is held on board the luxury cruise liner MV Aegean Paradise, and is a continuation of the Leisure World Poker Series, which ran from 2010-2015. The Singapore Poker Championships inherits the LWPS' mantle of being the sole, competitive tournament poker provider in the region. The SPC is conducted in the Jubilee, located on the 4th floor of the Aegean Paradise. The Poker Room has an attendant bar, a tournament registration ticketing system, rest facilities, a projection and sound system. During SPC weekends, the venue also conducts Texas Hold'em cash games, and Sit N Go tournaments upon demand.

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The SPC Season 5 schedule (2020) is as follows. Mark your calendars!

SPC XVI - 28 February - 1 March, 2020




Event structures can be found here

Getting Your SPC Main Event Seat

1) Direct Buy-in

Players can buy-in directly for all SPC events. Registration opens only on SPC event days at the Jubilee, on board the M/V Aegean Paradise.


Champion - POTY Trophy + Entry to All SPC Main Events for 2021

Runner-up - Entry to 3 Main Events

3rd - Entry to 2 Main Events

4th - Entry to 1 Main Event

5th - Entry to 1 Head-Hunter or equivalent Event


Points are earned by getting in the money in any main or side event, with 1 point allocated for every $10 earned. Cashing for $600 earns you 60 points, while cashing for $3800 earns you 380 points.

Qualifying Events

- All Main Events

- All Side Events

- All Sit n' Gos

Terms and Conditions

1. The SPC reserves the right to alter the promotion at any time.

2. Prizes won must be exercised in 2021.

3. The SPC reserves the right to use images of POTY winners for promotional or editorial purposes.

4. The SPC reserves the right to arbiter any disputes arising in the computation process at its discretion.

5. Prizes won are not redeemable for cash.

6. Prizes won are not transferable.


2016 - Neo Zhi Han

2017 - Mark Wong

2018 - Mark Wong

2019 - Benjamin Chew

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